Communication Friendly Setting updates for all

The staff team at our Bromsgrove and HoW College branches all recently attended our inhouse training session about being “Communication Friendly”. It was a great opportunity for staff members to reflect on their current practice, spark some professional discussions about what best practice looks like to our children, and learn new tips and tricks to ensure that we are encouraging our children to be confident communicators. Our Amblecote and Stourbridge branches are accredited Communication Friendly Settings through Elklan Training and this is great preparation for us to also embark on this accreditation. 



Here’s what our staff team thought:


“The Communication Friendly Setting training was so beneficial to me as a manager. I was able to identify areas in which I can support the staff team in reflecting on and improving their practice when communicating with the children in our setting. There were some visual prompts shared during the session which we are planning to display within the environment to assist the staff team’s interactions with the children, as well as using them as reflective tools for daily self evaluation.” – Emma, Early Years Manager at Bromsgrove


“The Communication Friendly Setting training was really interesting. It was very thorough and enabled us to identify how we consistently support practice in relation to those with speech and language. Being a new setting the training has enabled us to reflect on our physical environment both indoors and outdoors, to ensure that the environment offers many and varied opportunities for the staff team to provide exceptional adult to child interactions. We loved the vocab flowers and will be using those all through the nursery.” – Karen, Early Years Deputy Manager at How college


“Before the Communication Friendly Setting Training I didn’t really know how much we could support the children’s early language development from such a young age. I found the training to be very beneficial and helpful for my own development and for supporting the development of the children in our care. During the training I learnt of all the different techniques and visual prompts that we can use to help the children and have already begun planning on how to implement these into our daily routine.” – Nikkay, Third in Charge at Bromsgrove


“The Communication friendly training has been a big eye opener for me in terms of understanding just how much children can take vocab on, on a daily basis and just how much they can absorb. This training inspired me to do some further research on how to capture the children’s attention to help them gain access to all this valuable vocabulary that we as adults use on a daily basis without really understanding how much children can learn from just a simple conversation. I have discussed this with my manager and we have discussed how we can implement it into our Talkboost. Really great training, thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Ellie, Early Years Educator at HoW College



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Nursery Manager: Lara Owen & Bev Ramsell

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