A work-life balance at Little Hands

How do we support a Work life balance at Little Hands?


At Little Hands we pride ourselves on ensuring that staff engage in a healthy home to work life balance. This involves offering consistent support for the staff team enabling them to make effective choices in their day to day routine. This has always been of paramount importance to us and since the pandemic, we feel this has become more of a priority for the staff team also. We have introduced a well being strategy and assigned well-being coordinators to each branch. Our well being strategy ensures that our staff team have access to a wide range of strategies, carefully designed to support in times of poor mental health and to increase senses of wellbeing at every opportunity. It aims to empower the team to support themselves effectively and to remind that we are there should they need additional support. 


Below is an example of a questionnaire that regularly gets sent to our teams, seeking their feedback and opinions. Some responses are also included. 

  • What do you enjoy most about your role?


  • I love being part of the children’s development
  • I love helping the children to achieve their next steps and learning new things
  • Sharing my knowledge and supporting the staff team
  • Seeing how children grow and become independent

  • What do you do to relax at home?


  • I like to relax and watch Netflix
  • I like to spend time with my family
  • I like to get out and go for a walk, especially walking the dog
  • Going away for the weekend, such as caravan weekends

  • How do you balance your work and personal life effectively?  


  • I like to go to the gym or getting exercise outdoors
  • Seeing friends on a weekend
  • Going away on day trips
  • Self care, such as face masks, getting my nails done or yoga. As a team we look at ensuring that we educate each other with different events/activities within the local community that can support well being
  • I like to complete puzzles

  • How do you encourage a positive mindset within yourself?


  • I think about what I would like to achieve for that day
  • I set achievable targets and do not get hard on myself if I forget something
  • I always think I can do it, I think about the positive people around me and how they manage juggling work and home. The well being strategy supports this by offering an open, friendly and informative support system to the team. A strength based, positive environment which facilitates mindful thinking. 
  • I think of a positive for every situation

  • Do you find it hard to manage a home/work life balance? If so, how do you overcome these struggles?


  • I sometimes struggle after a long day to unwind, this is when I implement the techniques that have been suggested by the Well being coordinator
  • I do not struggle as having a four day working week gives me a lot of time with my family and to engage in chosen activities. We are offered a range of working patterns to suit the needs of our staff and their families. We can access full time/part time and flexible hours to suit.
  • I feel confident to communicate with the my family at home and my work family, this makes trickier days easier to manage

  • How do you feel you are supported through Little Hands to maintain a good work/home life balance? Regular catch up meetings? Well-being coordinators? Work events? Supportive reviews?


  • Knowing there is a knowledgeable team who I can talk to and whom can direct me always helps
  • I feel confident to express how im feeling and to feel understood
  • It’s nice to have work outings planned and little signs of appreciation, such as small gifts on Early Years Educator day. Part of the well being strategy is ensuring the staff team feel appreciated, this can be in the form of physical communications, but sometimes we celebrate with a little treat
  • With the Well being coordinators being knowledgeable and having a good awareness of tools to help my well being in different scenarios

  • Do you have any tips for maintaining a good work/home balance?


  • Continue to do things that challenge and motivate you
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, some days the same challenge is trickier than others
  • Using a planner, staying organised, ensuring workload to be manageable and of an appropriate amount. Delegate effectively
  • Experience new things, find what works for you
  • Communicate consistently with the right people
  • If you are busy, take time to have a break. At Little Hands we always ensure to tune into each others needs, by educating ourselves with supportive techniques we can use these to support others


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