Safe sleep at Little Hands

There are many reasons as to why sleep is beneficial for children, and why regular sleep is important to be threaded into their daily routine. Sleep is especially important for children due to the impact it has on both mental and physical development. Sleep is the time for restoration and for children’s bodies to recharge and retain the information they have learned throughout the day. Sleep not only allows us to feel rested, but also has the following benefits: 

  • Improved attention
  • Improved behaviour 
  • Overall improved mental and physical health
  • Improved learning and memory 
  • Supported brain function
  • Increased emotional capabilities
  • Reduced risk of illnesses

Here at Little Hands, practising safe sleep is of paramount importance. We complete sleep monitoring records to check on children as they sleep and these are completed every 5 minutes for a child under 12 months old, and every 10 minutes for any child over 12 months old. 



Alongside this, we also follow the below points (taken from our Safe Sleep policy) to ensure children are sleeping safely whilst with us:

  • Children sleep in individual travel cots or sleep mats with their own fitted bed sheet
  • Children will be placed on their backs to sleep and will be allowed to assume a preferred sleeping position
  • Cot mattresses will be labelled with the date of purchase and will be checked at each use to ensure they are safe for use. For example, no bumps, dips or rips
  • Babies and children are placed with their feet at the foot of their sleep surface
  • Sleep areas are well ventilated and at an ideal temperature. Under no circumstances should cots or sleep mats be placed directly near radiators or windows
  • Attention should be paid to the child’s body temperature to ensure they are not overheating – excess bedding should be avoided and clothing should be kept to a minimum
  • The room temperature should be recorded on our sleep record charts, to ensure the room temperature is within an acceptable range
  • During hot weather staff will ensure the room is additionally ventilated by opening windows and ensuring clothing is being taken off and the fan is on but not directly pointing at the child 
  • Babies or children who have fallen asleep whilst being comforted by their key person should be transferred to a safe sleep area to complete their rest
  • Loose bedding, pillows or decorative toys will not be used. In addition to this, for children under the age of one, there should be minimal blankets and/or pillows and no cot bumpers used during sleep times
  • Children’s faces must not be covered by blankets or comforters
  • Bibs, hoods, shoes, hair grips/bobbles and dummy chains must be removed before sleeping
  • Any babies/children who aren’t able to roll over yet will be placed on their backs to go to sleep 


Our staff team ensures that any messages about changes in a child’s sleep pattern are passed on to both management, and parents at the end of each day. All staff are also trained in Paediatric First Aid and children sleeping are always fully and closely supervised at all times. Another key element of supporting children’s sleep is ensuring their environment is calm and soothing to support children in settling for their rest. At Little Hands, we follow children’s individual routines from home to settle children to sleep and keep it as consistent as possible to best support their routines and development. 

Please ask for our Safe Sleep policy for more information and speak to a member of the team for more information.

NHS Recommendations for sleeping at home:



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