Career progression case studies

Little hands daycare love to celebrate our staff team and their achievements. We have recently introduced additional conversation points to our supervision meetings whereby we take the opportunity to talk through  future progression goals and how each team member feels they can be supported to achieve these. We are so proud of our staff team and their development that we would take the opportunity to share some with you.


“Hi I’m Sandie, I started my journey here at Little hands as a Room Leader of Pre-school. I enquired about the role a year earlier and went back and forth. In the end I finally made the leap and it was the best decision that I have made in regards to my professional development. I have been supported through observation, supervisions and training since I started my journey here in 2017. When interview opportunities have arisen at Little Hands I have always been encouraged to attend these to develop my interview experience and gain a wider insight into the role progression expectations within the company. Attending these really helped to get me ready for the next part of my journey. My progression has led me from Room Leader, to Third in Charge to now fulfilling my role as Deputy Manager here at Amblecote.”



“Hello I’m Rebecca. I started my journey at Little Hands Daycare as an Early Years Educator. During this time I had a professional buddy who ensured to give me the full support and guidance I needed to become confident in supporting children’s learning and development. My professional buddy was able to go through a range of different policies and procedures and how to support children’s learning and development to an outstanding level over the course of 4 weeks. After this my professional buddy still touched base with me to ensure I was feeling confident and comfortable and I didn’t need any more support. The senior management team would also ensure they carried out staff observations on me which would highlight my strengths and any areas of development. Here at Little Hands staff complete a range of peer observations on each other giving us the opportunity to upskill ourselves through learning different skills from other staff members. Staff are able to give each other feedback on what we learnt from each other and how we could strengthen our practice even further. During all this support we have regular supervision meetings where management would celebrate your achievements and set some targets for you to work on. This would support you to push yourself even further to achieve higher.


Here at Little Hands we are continuously assessing our professional development and are offered a range of training courses that could be inside or outside of the nursery. For example, I have been on safer sleep, first aid, food hygiene, child protection and exemplary practice with babies. These are just a few of many training courses which I have accessed this year as well as many in house training courses such as safeguarding, SEND curriculum and effective intervention. 


This led me onto having the opportunity to go for my current role of being a Room Leader and Third in Charge. This all started at the interview where even though I was an Early Years Educator the answers which were asked I was able to confidently answer in detail because of all the above support which was put in place as soon as I started. Then once I got given the role of Room Leader and Third in Charge I was given another professional buddy who supported me to settle in my new job roles and ensure support was given throughout so it could be a smooth transition into different roles.”


“Hello I’m Olivia, I began my journey here at Little Hands Daycare Amblecote in October 2017 after I did my work experience here in 2015 as a student. When I first officially started to work here at Little Hands, I was based as an Apprentice in the Preschool room (3-5 year olds). I learnt a lot about what they need to learn and develop before their transition to school and new challenges which they can take part in. I transitioned to the Baby Room (0-2 year olds) still working towards my apprenticeship and achieved this confidently. Working in 0-2’s helped me to challenge myself working within an age group which I was not too familiar with. Throughout my time in the Baby room, my confidence increased more and more each day, learning so much more about the different ways to adapt activities and my language to support their needs. In June 2019, I transitioned into the Toddler room as an Early Years Educator. I built my confidence learning how to complete two year old checks and developing a good understanding of the 2-3’s curriculum. Finally, I have continued to learn and work hard to develop new knowledge on 2-3 year olds and worked my way up to become the Toddler Room Leader in 2021 and I am continuing to thrive in my role.”


102-104 Brettell Lane, Amblecote, West Midlands, DY8 4BS

T: 01384 441441

Nursery Manager: Lara Owen & Bev Ramsell

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The Sunday School, 2 Chapel Street, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 2BQ

T: 0121 820 7119

Nursery Manager: Emma Gerrish

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Nursery Block Heart Of Worcestershire College School Drive Bromsgrove Worcestershire B60 1PQ

T: 0121 824 4697

Nursery Manager: Clare Fereday

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16-18 Hagley Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1PS

T: 01384 396920

Nursery Manager: Lara Owen & Lucy Brettle

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