Health & Nutrition at Little Hands

Here at Little Hands, we ensure that we provide healthy and nutritious meals for the children each day and are very proud to say that we have achieved a Gold standard for the Dudley Healthy Setting Award which has been held since the 11th May 2020. 


Our healthy setting award covers all areas of children’s health, from their oral health, emotional wellbeing and of course, their healthy balanced diets. 

Whether you have nursery meals or provide packed lunches, healthy eating is promoted in all we do. We share our “top tips” and packed lunch ideas with families and our nursery menus are seasonal changing each term. An example of a lunchbox could be;  

Crackers with ham, sliced boiled egg, vegetable sticks with cream cheese dip and grapes 


Wholemeal roll filled with egg mayonnaise and salad leaves, Cherry tomatoes, rice pudding pot, banana. 

You could research more about healthy eating on the NHS website. 

The children look forward to seeing what meals they have each day and we always discuss the different types of food and where the different foods might come from. 

These are some of the children’s reviews of our delicious dishes! 

  • Sausage and beans with new potatoes- “this is my favourite dinner because I love sausages!”
  • Cottage pie served with new potatoes- One child said “I like this dinner because it has carrots in and carrots are healthy. Another said “this one isn’t my favourite because it’s not pasta!”
  • Chicken and vegetable pasta bake and pitta bread- One child said “I like this dinner because it has cheese in and cheese is my favourite” Another said “I like this dinner because it’s pasta bake!!!”
  • Sweet and sour chicken noodles and pitta bread- “I like this dinner because it has peas in and peas are my favourite” “I don’t like it because there’s no sausages”.

Here at Little Hands we have supported local businesses such as 5 a Day catering for over 10 years now! Our meals are freshly prepared from the 5 a Day team which we then put into larger dishes for the children to self serve. The catering website is really informative with examples of meals and food options. Take a look at the wonderful meals we have here at Little Hands Daycare.





102-104 Brettell Lane, Amblecote, West Midlands, DY8 4BS

T: 01384 441441

Nursery Manager: Lara Owen & Bev Ramsell

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The Sunday School, 2 Chapel Street, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 2BQ

T: 0121 820 7119

Nursery Manager: Emma Gerrish

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Nursery Block Heart Of Worcestershire College School Drive Bromsgrove Worcestershire B60 1PQ

T: 0121 824 4697

Nursery Manager: Clare Fereday

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16-18 Hagley Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1PS

T: 01384 396920

Nursery Manager: Lara Owen & Lucy Brettle

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