Recycling & our Eco Schools accreditation

Our recycling/sustainability mission is hugely linked to our Eco-Schools accreditation.



We recycle paper, cardboard, tins, bottles and plastic pots at Little Hands and we have labelled bags for separating. The children enjoy sorting and talking about why we recycle. 

We are recycling to help the planet and keep plastics out of the oceans to protect wildlife. If we encourage children to do this now they can carry these habits on and help make the world a better place for future generations. 

The children engage in regular activities that help them learn about why we recycle and how we do it. We have books and information posters to recycle whenever we can as a team.

The recycling activities have been adapted for each group. Pre toddlers have explored different materials and helped sort them into specific recycling bags. Toddlers have had discussions about what things are made of, i.e. plastic, paper, cardboard. Toddlers have also been able to have a go at sorting the different materials into different bags and have listened to the practitioners talk about why it is important to recycle for the environment, they also learnt about this during their occupations focus planning. Preschool have been out across the community to do some litter picking and then were able to sort out which bits of rubbish are able to be recycled. Preschool have also had discussions about the importance of recycling and we have sent home litter pickers for a home learning challenge. Preschool have also discussed how damaging plastics in the oceans can be for the wildlife and enjoyed a learning opportunity set up by the practitioners, using scissors to cut up the plastic that was trapping the sea creatures in the tuff tray.


We are currently in the process of working towards our Eco-Schools accreditation in order to ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ and encourage sustainability as much as possible! The Eco-Schools programme provides a simple, seven-step framework that empowers young people to make a difference in their school, local community and beyond. Each term have an action plan that has been created by our Eco Warriors Rachel and Charlotte which outlines our current focus and what we will be doing in setting and promoting with families. For example, Transport was our first focus where we encouraged families to walk or cycle to nursery in order to reduce their carbon footprint. We also took a few trips around the local community, walking to Tesco to Aldi, and having a little ride on the local tram!


So please join us on working towards our accreditation as we will be sharing lots of tips on how to be more sustainable. Please see attached the link for the eco-schools website to find out more…


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