Apprenticeship journeys with Little Hands

Here at Little Hands Daycare, we have career paths and positions available for all professionals within the Early Years Sector. We would like to take this opportunity to focus on our Junior Early Years Educator (Apprenticeship). Since our previous blog post in June 2022, we have had even more reflections about the apprenticeship role which we would love to share. 


One of our reflections was working and collaborating with one apprenticeship provider. We have been able to establish a strong partnership with MBKB training. Working with one apprenticeship provider (MBKB) has been hugely beneficial in many ways. We now have one assessor who supports our apprentices by delivering a range of support including observations, tailored teaching sessions and providing on the spot feedback. Dani, who is our assessor from MBKB, has been able to collaborate with leaders to support our apprentices in achieving their professional development targets. 


Another one of our reflections was considering what apprentices need to know in their first 3 months of working with us at Little Hands Daycare or entering the early years sector for the first time. By working with MBKB, we have been able to ensure our apprentices study Child Protection / Safeguarding, Child Development, Observing Children – these three modules are key to ensuring each apprentice has a strong core foundation of knowledge which they can then build on throughout their apprenticeship journey. 


Don’t forget you are able to read all about our existing apprenticeship support strategies in a previous blog post ‘Supporting apprentices in the workplace’ 


We have now been able to publish two blog posts on the support we are providing apprentices, so why not enquire with one of our branches to see if there are any apprenticeship vacancies available. We would also love to share Lily’s apprenticeship journey with us here at Little Hands – in Lily’s own personal post:


Lily’s apprentice experience and journey :

First and foremost being an apprentice at Little Hands is very rewarding and I am supported by my time here at Little Hands Daycare. 

Initially when starting with the company they provided me with a professional buddy to ensure I understand the company’s expectations and become aware of the daily runnings of the nursery and Pre toddlers which is the room I am based in. 

Furthermore, Little Hands are exceptional with the additional training they provide. I have had emotion coaching training and new employee training so far which have been so helpful and I have access to more training in sectors that I am interested in, all I have to do is ask.

As an apprentice the company provides a day off for me so that work can be completed and any additional time at work that may be available to complete my course is always utilised effectively to ensure I can develop within my apprenticeship. 

Also, the company considers individual progression and although I am an apprentice I have started to develop my leadership skills in preparation for higher roles I may want to access in the future. This is amazing for my future progression within the company as I aspire to have a higher role in early years. 

Furthermore, the company provides regular check- ins with myself and my assessor which is extremely beneficial to my apprenticeship as they support me to develop within my course and professional role. Additionally, Little Hands are always willing to provide help with work whether that is providing me with resources needed for my work or having a discussion regarding what I am stuck on. 

Therefore, being an apprentice at Little Hands Daycare is amazing! I come to work supported and always feel as if management and my room leader consider the aspect of my apprenticeship to alleviate any additional pressures.


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