Large scale play equipment


In this post, we will write about the large scale equipment in the Baby Room and what learning opportunities the children have gained.


A few months ago, the slide arrived in the Baby Room at the Amblecote branch. The children and the staff were very excited. The first time the children noticed the slide, they approached it with excitement, showing their interest in exploring it.


As you can see, there are some steps which lead to the top and then there is a slide. On the bottom of the steps, there is a mirror attached. Whilst the children use this large scale equipment, they are always supe

rvised by a practitioner who sits very close. The children hold the bannister and walk up the stairs. Then, they sit down and go down the slide. Of course, every child is unique and uses this resource in a different way. For example, some children enjoy taking risks and challenging themselves by walking up the slide and then walking down the steps. The children are able to realise that their action has an effect, so they want to repeat this action.


This large scale equipment has had a great positive impact in the childre


n’s learning development. The children enjoy investigating and exploring this big slide. Exploring the slide helps the children to develop their concentration whilst attempting to achieve their goal. The children, through trial and error, test their techniques and ideas in order to achieve their goal. When they accomplish their goal, they show how proud they are by clapping their hands and smiling. This has a great effect on their self esteem as the children develop their confidence and believe in themselves. Furthermore, the children develop their social skills as well, as they learn to take turns and share this slide with their peers. 

Practitioners encourage communication and language by using single words and label what the children do. For example, the practitioners say “Down” when a child goes down the slide or “Up”, when a child walks up the steps. In this way, the child is encouraged to use single words and copy actions. To extend the children’s learning, the practitioners count the steps, encouraging children to use mathematical language. The practitioners use Makaton signs whilst using single words and giving simple instructions, for example “Wait, please”. 


Overall, exploring this large scale equipment covers all the prime areas of EYFS Framework as it helps the children to develop their personal, social and emotional skills, their communication and language and gross motor skills. 


Home learning opportunities 

What kind of large scale equipment do the children use at home or at the park? Have you noticed how they develop their learning? We would love to hear all about it!


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