October Book Club

We’re going on a bear hunt…

What do the practitioners like about the book?

Practitioners love this story because it has a lot of repetitive language which really promotes children’s communication and language skills. Thanks to the repetition, children can also remember the story easily and can play a part in recalling and reading the story back to each other. There are lots of Makaton signs such as bear, river, grass, snowstorm. We can use props with this story to create rhymes while we read.

This story can be read or you can sing it as a song, this really helps keeping the children engaged and focused on the story. 


What do the children learn?

They learn about seasons, different weather. They learn about their environments and what they can see when they are walking. They learn Makaton, key phrases and to join in at circle time. Children continue to develop their love of reading. Considerations can be given to safety, being with family and wild animals. Children can explore a range of ways to move their body and the sounds that can be made in different materials. Lots of links to sounds can be found in the story and prompt children to think about other sounds in their environment…a key skill for learning to read. 


What extensions have you done?

We have done an activity where the children have read the story with each other back to practitioners.

We have done sensory trays with each part of the story, e.g. foam for snow, grass, water for river, twigs for a forest, mud, and we have made our own cave.

We have been able to extend this story into the outdoor environments.

We have done big hunt and shape hunts in the garden to promote this story but with a different focus. 


Rate out of 10?

9 out of 10.


Why would you recommend this to parents?

We would recommend this to parents because it’s a great learning experience for children. You can provide a lot of learning workshops alongside this story. It makes reading enjoyable for children. It will spark conversations around nursery and how we have read it here. It will get the children more excited about going for a walk to the shops or a local park if they can look for the bear.


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