What is a SENCO?

The role of a SENCO is a very special and unique one. SENCO is the abbreviation for Special Educational Needs Coordinator. We would love to tell you more about what this exciting role looks like at Little Hands Daycare!


What is a SENCO? 

The SENCO is responsible for ensuring our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy is implemented and carried out across the setting. The aim of the SENCO is to coordinate support for children within our setting who need some extra support. The SENCO strives to ensure your child benefits from the right help and guidance. Usually lots of this support will and can be delivered by your child’s key person who will have a good overview on how to support your child’s development. 


The SENCO will also be responsible for:

Communicating with parents and families so they are kept fully up to date alongside the child’s key person

Ensuring a supporting plan is produced with effective / realistic outcomes for the child to achieve

Liaise with other agencies who can offer more strategies to support children such as speech and language therapists, Inclusion Enablers, Educational Psychologists etc. 

Communicating with other settings and early years providers if the child attends any

Support the child’s transition into school, ensuring this is as successful as possible and the new school is informed about the child’s development, progress and any strategies which have been successful. (Usually this is in the form of an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). 

If your child does require an EHCP in preparation for School, one of our experienced SENCO’s will let you know and be able to guide you through the process at the right point in time, closer to your child’s school transition. 

Who are the SENCO’s at Little Hands Daycare? 

At our Amblecote Branch Bev is the SENCO within the setting. 











At our Stourbridge Branch, our SENCO is Hannah.











If you are worried about your child’s development or have any concerns, it is always important to speak to your child’s key person first as they will be able to work with your child closely and be able to offer some initial strategies which can support your child at home. However, if you would like to have a chat with one of our SENCO’s then they are also available to talk to.


What is a Support Plan?

A support plan is there to identify exactly what type of support a child needs in a particular area of development. For some children, this can be in just one area of development but for others it can be across several areas of development. Support Plans are normally targeted and focused on the 3 prime areas of development, these are Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language. 

The support plan outlines some key next steps for the child and is reviewed every 6 – 8 weeks depending on the target. Parents and Carers are encouraged to contribute to the support plan, sign and comment on this so they are aware of how the setting will be supporting the child’s development. 


A support plan is there to act as a guide for practitioners who work directly with the child and enable them to see what strategies and techniques can be used to support the child. If we have received any advice from other outside agencies for example speech and language therapists- we will combine this information so it is all in one place and the child is supported to achieve a closely matched set of next steps rather than lots at the same time. 


If you would like more information about the role of the SENCO or are worried about your child’s development please get in touch.


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