7 Key Features of Effective Practice: Part 2

High Quality Care

  • The child’s experience must always be central to the thinking of every practitioner.

Our wonderful team works incredibly hard to create a secure, warm and welcoming environment where parents are 100% happy to leave their children in our care. We focus on driving quality improvement forward to enhance children’s learning experiences and ensure outstanding standards of practice are consistently being implemented every day. We resource each play space to the highest of standards with the aim to ignite children’s natural imagination and curiosity. All age groups have an array of challenging, inspiring resources which evolve with each child’s ever-changing needs. The resources are open-ended, authentic and easily accessible to all children, meaning their play possibilities are limitless. We provide copious opportunities for children to experience the awe and wonder of the world through a vast range of captivating experiences to prepare them for the next stage of their learning.

  • Babies, toddlers and young children thrive when they are loved and well cared for.

At Little Hands, our ethos is based on the values that come right from the Company Directors, embedded into the everyday practice that is provided by our practitioners. The standards of early education also need to be high, but first and foremost we like to ensure that our children are loved and happy. Children get cuddled when they are sad; they get help when they need it; and they play and are happy as the early years are the crucial years for making a difference.

  • High-quality care is consistent. Every practitioner needs to enjoy spending time with young children.

At Little Hands all of our practitioners, leaders and managers ensure that we support the values and ethos, and work tirelessly to provide the very best care. We are a close knit team; we laugh lots; many of us are parents ourselves and therefore share the trials and tribulations of parenting, but most importantly we all share the same view that babies and children deserve the very best care and early education that we can possibly provide, and we will always strive to achieve that.

  • Effective practitioners are responsive to children and babies. They notice when a baby looks towards them and gurgles and responds with pleasure.

We support this by encouraging babies’ exploration of the world around them, we help babies, toddlers and young children feel safe, secure and treasured as individuals. The key person approach gives children a secure base of care and affection, together with supportive routines which helps them to explore and play confidently.

  • Practitioners understand that toddlers are learning to be independent, so they will sometimes get frustrated.

Children at Little Hands have opportunities to develop their own play and independent exploration. This is enjoyable and motivating. They also have adults who ‘scaffold’ learning by giving them just enough help to achieve something they could not do independently. Helping children to think, discuss and plan ahead is important, like gathering the materials they need to make a den before they start building. These are ways of helping children to develop the characteristics of effective learning.

  • Practitioners know that starting school, and all the other transitions in the early years, are big steps for small children.

Our expertly planned curriculum provides children with a vast range of high-quality child-led and in-the-moment adult-supported activities, reflecting each child’s interests and developmental needs. Our incredible staff team spends a lot of time getting to know each child from their initial stay-and-play sessions, in order to build on their learning through motivating and challenging learning experiences.

At Little Hands Daycare we promote the EYFS. This is a very important stage as it helps each child get ready for school as well as preparing them for their future learning and successes. From when a child is born up until the age of five, their early years experience should be happy, active, exciting, fun and secure; and support their development, care and learning needs.

We aim that by the time children leave us for school, we have equipped them with all of the valuable knowledge, skills and experiences that they need to continue on their pathway of learning throughout their education.



102-104 Brettell Lane, Amblecote, West Midlands, DY8 4BS

T: 01384 441441
E: amblecote@littlehandsdaycare.co.uk

Nursery Manager: Lara Owen & Bev Ramsell

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The Sunday School, 2 Chapel Street, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 2BQ

T: 0121 820 7119
E: bromsgrove@littlehandsdaycare.co.uk

Nursery Manager: Emma Gerrish

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Nursery Block Heart Of Worcestershire College School Drive Bromsgrove Worcestershire B60 1PQ

T: 0121 824 4697
E: howcollegebromsgrove@littlehandsdaycare.co.uk

Nursery Manager: Clare Fereday

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16-18 Hagley Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1PS

T: 01384 396920
E: stourbridge@littlehandsdaycare.co.uk

Nursery Manager: Lara Owen & Lucy Brettle

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