Book Club: February 2022

In preschool we have been reading the book Seren’s seasons. This has been our book of the month and has run alongside our focus planning which considers weather.

This book has been enjoyed by all children and they have taken a lot from it. Most of the children are now able to recall all four seasons and the characteristics of each. The book describes what clothes Seren would need for each season and the children were able to identify with this.

The main character in the book wears glasses. This allowed us to talk about differences between others in a positive way. One child shaered “ My mommy has glasses like those but not yellow”. Children also noticed that “Seren built a snow girl but I build a snowman” which sparked further conversations around genders.

The pictures are engaging and show Seren in different places enjoying nature. She plays in snow and puddles which the children can associate with as water play in the nursery garden is currently very popular.

There are lots of questions which allow the children to think and engage with the book and lots of describing words to extend their vocabulary.


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