Book club: December 2021


Our Toddler room staff have taken the time to review the book ’Stickman’.

This story uses detailed and colourful images which engaged our children well. The book also used repetitive, rhyming words as well as simple phrases for children to repeat.

Throughout this book it gives children an opportunity to be imaginative on what stickman could become! There are lots of opportunities for this book to be extended, we created our own scenes from the story book such as; the river and creating stickman ourselves. It’s a great book that covers all areas of learning and you can really see the book come to life.


Pre-School have also been reading Stickman this month. We chose Stickman as it links not only into children’s interests currently but also into different areas of learning.

We will be talking about different forces as we watch Stickman float along the river current into the sea. We will be talking about gravity as stickman lands on the ground.

We will be linking in the weather and how we see the seasons change in the story going from springtime in the park, to a lovely summer day at the beach to winter.

We will also be linking in changes- how cold can freeze object like stickman at the end of the story, and how heat can melt. Another thing that will be talking about is the celebration of Christmas – Stickman meets Santa.

All of these different topics can spark conversations and introduce new words for children, they can expand interests and can give us so many ideas to implement in the day to day activities we provide for children. To top it off, its a wonderful book that keeps the children engaged with the repeated catchy phrases and rhyming words- encouraging children to join in with story time!


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