World Kindness Day

Here at Little Hands promoting kindness is at the heart of our curriculum. We encourage staff, children and their families to be kind towards one another throughout our nurseries. We continually use positive language by encouraging children to use their “kind hands” and “walking feet” rather than “don’t hit” or “don’t run”. Using this positive language continually means that staff and children alike can support each other through daily tasks and always continue to be strength based and keen problem solvers. 


Throughout our nurseries we show kindness by praising each other and our peers. We often hear our Toddler and Pre-School children celebrating each other’s achievements, saying things like “well done” or “fantastic” or a personal favorite or pre-schools, “that’s a really good choice”. Using this language encourages the children to empower each other and themselves. 


We celebrate achievements at nursery; toilet training successfully or learning to walk are such huge achievements, but also children being proud of their own actions or learning to put on their own shoes are such huge achievements. We pride ourselves in encouraging children to be proud of their actions and by being kind to themselves in turn encourages them to be kind to others. We use a multitude of ways to praise from stickers, high fives or simple actions such as a head nod, all of which are individual to the child’s ability to accept praise in different forms. 


Our 2-3s and 3-5s children all show mutual respect for each other during the day, they will often have talking time during circle time whereby the children are encouraged to listen to each other and talk about interesting parts of the story. 3-5s often ask questions about the stories they have heard, and these conversations encourage children to get to know each other and show kindness by showing an interest in their home lives or individual interests.


Pre-school are currently introducing a ‘kindness tree’ whereby children will be encouraged when doing something kind to put a thumb print onto the tree, to build a huge tree full of individual achievements by all the children, proudly on show within pre-school to encourage reflection for their kind words and/or actions.


Ultimately, Little Hands is a family. We care, respect and try to understand one another. We embrace differences and similarities, and engage in play together showing respectful behaviour. We learn to be patient, share and express our feelings with one another. 


‘Kind’, like any other behaviour, is individual to the perspective of the person, thus meaning that we are all kind in different ways and as we all have different and individual framily units, carrying individual traditions and beliefs and we all show ‘kind’ in a multitude of different ways. From cuddles to fist bumps to WOW moments, we love to example kindness in an array of different ways and encourage you all to reflect on how you show kindness during your daily routines.


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