6 questions with a reception teacher

September is fast approaching and children are regularly telling us how proud and excited they are to start their new adventure. Our graduation photographs are well under way and we’ve planned in lots of time to celebrate. 

We’ve also chatted to some incredible reception class teachers to understand more about school readiness, from the school perspective. 


What is school readiness to you? 

School readiness is being confident to access all main areas of learning in Reception with a good level of social skills.


What are the main 5 things you would like children to have/do when they enter reception for the first time? 

Going to the toilet independently, an awareness of good looking and listening skills, sharing skills, recognition of some sounds, recognising numbers to 10.


Can you bust any myths regarding things new parents thought their children needed to know before starting school but they actually didn’t?

Knowing the ‘alphabet’, writing their full name (first and surname)


What is your favourite thing to learn about a new class of children each September?

Friendship groups/their favourite thing/area to play with (where they feel happiest playing)


What would you love parents and families to do throughout the summer to better prepare them and their child for school in September?

Uniform – getting them used to wearing it/practice doing cardigan buttons and trouser clips for toileting


Anything else you think it would be useful for new parents/children to be aware of before starting school in September?

Using a knife and fork at the table/providing footwear that the children can independently take on and off.


If there’s anything else you’re interested to know about school readiness, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We can chat more to these amazing professionals should we want to bust any more myths and gather any additional information. 


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