What our 2021 graduates have taught our team

We spoke to our Pre-School staff team to find out what learning they are taking away from our 2021 graduates. Each year, every single child has a huge impact on Little Hands. We learn from them, make changes and this has a long lasting impact on the quality of care that we provide. We are so grateful to each family that chooses to share their journey with us and this is what we will be taking away from this year’s graduates.

  • The class of 2021 have shown and taught me a lot about resilience, perseverance, as well as different emotional struggles and strengths. A lot of our children that returned to us having had a significant amount of time off, at home, out of their normal routine, came back to us mostly with an open mind, excited energy and more focus to learning than previously. Through all of this each and every child have done amazing and are building their pathway ready for their next adventure, which for the majority of our children are more than ready. Again this gives preschool staff members a sense of pride in knowing that after all the struggles and shortened teaching opportunities, we have still been able to support the children on their individual journeys and make their school readiness a success.  A little life lesson learned from the children is that no matter what difficulties you face in life, you can always bounce back and be successful with a little; patience, perseverance and of course fun.  
  • Being new to little hands and preschool here I feel in my short time the children have taught me so much. They are confident, independent and leaders in their own learning. They have shown me how their routine works, and how the Little Hands values are imbedded in everyday. I have been able to reignite the skill of Makaton daily with the children. Taking on the curiosity approach is new to me coming from a school background and the children have been excelling at showing me how this is put into practice within nursery and also responded well to some structured learning opportunities provided. You wouldn’t know the children are living in and experiencing these COVID times and different ways of living. They have taught me further resilience to life’s situations and to embrace all opportunities. 
  • How helpful and independent they are and wanting to help with jobs.
  • How well they work together to extend play.
  • Confident to recall the things they have learnt independently.
  • Children have welcomed me into preschool, shown me the different areas of the environment; they have taught me how they like their environment too. They have allowed me to gain knowledge on skills they already have and what they know academically so we have been able to do activities together. They have taught me the different ways they learn too, which once again teaches/ gives me the confidence to plan activities that would suit them best. Some children like to learn creatively so some activities are creative and being messy.  
  • I feel the children have shown great resilience during this time. They have shown courage with not being scared with everyone having to wear face masks. They have shown great confidence when coming back to nursery, even after a really long period of time off. Children have also become more aware of the need for cleanliness and sticking to our social bubbles. I feel the resilience they have shown has also extended to their home lives as a lot of children hadn’t seen other family members for a long time. I can now see the children being more positive now restrictions are being lifted and I’m in awe of how some of them have coped, as I have struggled myself during this pandemic and their positivity has kept me motivated!


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Nursery Manager: Lara Owen & Bev Ramsell

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Nursery Manager: Emma Gerrish

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