Highly qualified staff

Did you know that Little Hands only employs staff with a minimum of level 3 childcare qualifications? We will occasionally employ training professionals such as those completing their apprenticeship, but only when we are confident that our current staff teams are strong enough to fully support them.

Oh and when we say minimum of level 3, we really mean it! A large proportion of our staff team hold level 5 and 6 (degree level) qualifications.


What this means for our practice is that we have professionals in our team who can share high quality theoretical knowledge around child development. These people are complimented by those in our team who have children of their own (& are sometimes the same person!) and can share a wealth of personal knowledge regarding child development. Finally, we have those with many years of professional childcare experience (who are sometimes also parents with degree level qualifications…talk about a triple threat!).

This combination ensures that our staff team are open to change, aware of the most current knowledge, have perfected their teaching styles and can bring a personal touch. Or as we like to say, the PERFECT combination. Everyone has something to bring to the team and our skilled leaders ensure this knowledge (be that practical or theoretical) is shared to upskill each of our employees.

Finally, the most important learning opportunity…children. Each child enters Little Hands with their own personality, their own experiences and LOTS to teach us. Through the relationships staff have with children, their precise observation skills and fantastic ability to evaluate learning; children regularly upskill our staff team to be even better than yesterday.


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Nursery Manager: Lucy Brettle

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